Our philosophy is based on smart investment principles: it’s not just funds that we invest in potential projects but also intellectual assets of our work team, efficient management, knowledge, and business experience.


    A project shall be based on a unique product or engineering approach aimed at potential long-term business growth. A team of authors should be capable of professional and timely resolution of research and engineering project tasks.


    Our key objective is to bring the project, together with a team of authors and engineers to the preplanned success. The project life time in our investment portfolio is two years, over which period it is to reach at least the stage of product test sales to the first customers.


    Lomonosov Capital Management Company is a private firm established on August 28, 2012 for the purpose of managing hi-tech venture innovation projects with the prospective high market cost and merchantability.

    Our activity is based on clustered intellectual environment and science and technology base established in the Academpark (www.academpark.com), major universities and research institutes of the city of Novosibirsk.

    The company is engaged in financing and managing of an early stage hi-tech companies ensuring their value growth with a view to a future complete or partial withdrawal from such companies by way of selling out its share to some strategic investors or venture capital funds.

  • The strategy

    Project Selection Criteria

    All projects shall focus on the scientific and technological research trends traditionally well-developed in the national science and strongly supported by various government programs, such as:

    • bioindustry, new medicine
    • new power industry, energy efficient technologies
    • IT
    • new materials
    • environment conservation

    We invest in hi-tech projects at the seed and pre-seed stages.

    Principles of Cooperation
    A separate brand new engineering company will be set up towards implementation of the project by the Lomonosov Capital Management Company (MC) together with a team of authors and engineers:

    • The authors’ share in authorized capital of the engineering company to be set up shall be up to 49% depending on the proposed project maturity.
    • The LCCompany is an executive (managing) unit of the engineering company.
    • Any and all intellectual property generated in the course of project implementation shall be owned by the engineering company.

    Investment in Engineering Companies

    We offer to invest our financial resources, intellectual capital, management expertise, knowledge of markets, and business experience. The amount of cash investments per project is no more than 10 million Roubles for the term of 2 years, over which period a project shall reach the stage of product test sales to the first customers.

  • The team

    Mr. Dmitry Verkhovod (b. 1960), Chairman of the Board of Directors.
    PhD in Physics and Mathematics.
    Work history: Deputy Head of the Novosibirsk Region Government; Director of Branch of S7 Airlines; Deputy Chairman, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Director General of the Technology Park Academpark.

    Mr. Yevgeny Gaisler (b. 1960), Chairman of the Management Board
    PhD in Technical Sciences, certified securities analyst.
    Work history: Institute of Mining, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences; President of the First All-Siberia Investment Company; Director of ZAO Troika Dialog; Deputy General Director of OAO Belon.

    Mr. Aleksey Pozdnyakov (b. 1971), Management Board Member
    Certified Property Manager (IREM).
    Work history: Director of ZAO Energokomplekt; Director General of Novososedovo Winter Sports Park; Deputy Director of Technology Park in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok ; Director of OOO Adriatika.

    Mr. Andrey Starkov (b. 1980), Management Board Member
    MA in Economics.
    Work history: Industrial Production Management Institute, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences; Project Manager in Novosibirsk Branch of ZAO Eckstein and Partners–Audit; Director of a small innovation company; Head of Innovations Management Department, Director of the Business Incubator Center in OAO Technology Park in Novosibirsk Akademgorodok.

  • The experts

    To ensure adequate project evaluation at all stages, from filing an application form to market entry we outsource the relevant highly qualified expertise. Our experts are reputable scientists and engineers duly qualified to assess feasibility of the proposed technical approach and the strategy of the product prototyping, while experienced businessmen evaluate viability of the available business model.



Application form shall feature general information on the project proposed for implementation, its concept and technical approach, production team and resources required for achievement of the preset results.

Applications providing maximum information on the minimum number of pages would be highly appreciated. Supporting data and artwork of explanatory nature that is graphs, diagrams, tables, etc. are also very welcome.

The Company management shall make its decision based on the submitted data and notify the applicants accordingly within a week’s time.


Phone.: +7 (383) 363 30 77
Fax: +7 (383) 363 30 78
info@lomcap.ru | lomcap.ru
Information Technologies Center of Academpark
11, Nikolaeva str., Novosibirsk, 630090, Russia

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  • Projects

  • Intelmed

    Smart diagnostic system for healthcare

    Project launch date:
    January 2013 

    Product Description:

    Intelmed system enables probability diagnostics by communicating with a user, on the basis of described symptoms, risk factors and/or laboratory tests, and provides reference data about medications, diets, medical procedures, physiotherapy, and health supplements.

    Intelmed includes:

    A. Knowledge base pre-formed by automatic extraction of data from sources in the world’s major specialized medical databases and the Internet.

    B. Smart polling system ensuring probability diagnostics using the minimal essential and sufficient number of questions about the current user’s health condition.

    C. The system’s interface and monetization instruments in line with the up-to-date E-Patients, MHealth trends and concepts providing opportunity for managing one’s own health together with providers of medical products and services.

    In 2008–2011, engineering approaches to automatic data retrieval were applied towards establishing content-addressable networks containing knowledge on molecular genetic interactions, inter-disease and nanobiology units relations. Such work was performed in the framework of International research projects.

    The product is going to be available in Russian and in English via website, mobile applications, as well as a desktop version for medical professionals.

    The system beta-version release is scheduled for November 2013. It is going to include the knowledge base on 200 most common diseases with the relevant background data and information on existing therapies.

    The project was nominated among the five finalists of the Russian stage of IBM SmartCamp.

    IBM Smart Camp

    Project website: aimedica.ru

  • Hemovisor

    New Generation Hematology Analyzer

    Project launch date: December 2013

    Hemovisor is a multi-parameter automated hematology analyzer designed for in vitro diagnostic use in medium volume clinical laboratories. Based on computer vision technologies it does recognize, enumerate and differentiate blood cells and count them. The device automatically performs analysis of a digital image captured, creates a report file and sends it to the printer.

    The device consists of microscope with the motorized stage and led lamp, electric field generator, digital camera, processing unit, and the touch screen with graphic user’s interface.

    Comparing to existing advanced developments

    Hemovisor does not require any consumables and reagents.

    Hemovisor does not require stainer to make a slides for analysis, it works with liquid samples.

    Hemovisor defines the concentration of Hemoglobin (HGB) and calculates the Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) simultaneously with Erythrocytes (RBC) count. Hemovisor pretends to be a replacement device for the hematology analyzers that use conductometry as a basic method for the blood cells counting. It’s safe, easy to operate and cost effective in maintenance.

    Besides of the blood cells counting, Hemovisor provides wide range of physical and rheological parameters of cells, and can be used in cytological gynecological screening, urinary sediment analysis and others.

    Release of the ready-to-use prototype – April 2014.

    Project website: www.hemovisor.com

  • Surdophone

    Speech-to-Sign Language Translation Software

    Project Launch Date: December 2012.

    Why we created Surdophone? There are about 2 million deaf people around the world. Their primal language is sign language. Usual, daily actions, such as making calls, watching TV, visiting doctor or lawyer are very difficult for that kind of people. A major problem for deaf people is a communicational barrier - native to deaf people, sign language used by very low amount of people outside of their community. Project's goal: to create a modern technical means of communication between deaf and hearing people that create comfortable environment for communicating and developing.

    What Suprdophone does? Surdophone transforms sounding speech or displayed text into sign language translation and demonstrates it by animated avatar. Plenty of products are developing on base of Surdophone: - Mobile application. - "deaf - communicator" for social services (medicine, financial, etc). - Surdophone TV - digital translation for TV companies. - Educational software for studying sign language.

    Project site www.surdophone.com